Based in Winter Garden, Florida, hi-lite coaching + consulting was born out of a passion to serve youth in a way that removes internal barriers, ignites confidence + generates excitement about the future.

Why go through unnecessary setbacks + complications?
We challenge teens + young adults to know themselves in a way that empowers them to effectively navigate change, leverage their strengths + hold themselves accountable in areas that require improvement. Quality coaching lends the confidence + competence to successfully transition through various phases of life with resilience while maintaining focus on designing + accomplishing the future of their dreams.

Simply put: When the client puts in the effort, COACHING WORKS!
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Bob Lourdel, Success Coach

As a high school student, there were times of uncertainty and apathy.  Looking back on those years, Bob recognizes how valuable having a coach would have been in identifying goals, establishing boundaries, and developing a plan to get there.  Although lacking direction and discipline, there was a mentor in his life who consistently showed support and grace in growing his character, communicating with his parents, and helping him take ownership of his decisions.

“I believe the most important people in your life are those who truly believe in you.  If you find a few of them in your lifetime, you can consider yourself blessed.”

After several years working in the architectural profession, Bob left his career to pursue a calling with a greater purpose. With over 20 years of experience working with students, young adults, and parents as a youth pastor, Bob has found that equipping and empowering students and young adults to discover their potential are the most fulfilling experiences in his life. Bob has also received his professional coaching certification through Coach Training EDU, an ICF Accredited Institution, as an Academic Life Coach.

“When it comes down to it, the best way I can use my time is spent in meeting people, getting to know them, building trust with them, letting people know you truly care, helping them create a process for success in their present as well as their future, and walking with them as they progress.”
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Jeff Forrester, Author, John C. Maxwell Coach + DISC Trainer

Jeff has a true passion to help others and see them unleash their hidden potential.  He has spent the past 20+ years in corporate sales, marketing, and leadership.  His best moments were when he was able to see people achieve more than they thought they could. In 2020, Jeff was encouraged to write down many of his thoughts in his first book, “Unleashed Potential: Simple Steps to Be the Best Version of Yourself”. It is a book filled with many stories from his youth and what lessons he wished he would have known then and feels strongly to want to share these lessons with others so they can avoid some of the same challenges he faced.

Jeff brings his experience as a father, husband, friend, and professional to his coaching relationships to help others learn how to become the best version of themselves through critical thinking.

“People can accomplish more when they have people who believe in them and challenge them to go a little further than they think they can.”
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Annie Cowden, Success Coach

Annie has a zest for life and has always said “if you believe it, you can can create it!” One of Annie’s gifts is her perspective on life – she views everyone she meets as a soul with a heart’s desire that is meant to be followed and see’s the potential and capability in others that they can’t see for themselves. Annie has always been inspired by music with voice and acting coaches who have made profound impacts on her since her teen years. Over the last 4 years, Annie has enjoyed giving back what she’s received as she coaches others to get out of their head and believe in themselves.

Annie studied Musical Theatre in college and has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Utah. Annie is a certified Life Coach through Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. Additionally, she is a certified yoga and Zumba instructor, certified in Thai massage, and a credentialed vocal teacher through the Institute of Vocal Advancement. Can you tell she LOVES to learn?

As someone who’s had big aspirations since a young age, Annie has learned to differentiate the noise of society from the inner voice of her heart. That along with meditation, books, events and mentors,Annie has found great power in understanding that “just because you have a thought, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Any thought you have that says you can’t ,you’re not good enough, or it’s not possible—needs to be questioned because it’s simply not true! What’s true is you can trust your dreams, and you’re absolutely capable.”

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Jessica Villegas, Success Coach + Founder

Jessica is the Founder + Success Coach for Hi-Lite. She’s received her formal education from UCF in Organizational Communications and Leadership Studies and her Professional Coaching certification through Coach Training EDU, an ICF Accredited Institution, as an Academic Life Coach.

Jessica spent 13 years in Hospitality Management and 7 years in Supply Chain Logistics in various leadership and corporate training roles. “On the teams I led, I worked every day to empower others. To challenge them to be better. The results were incredible for them and I felt so fulfilled when they would succeed!”

Jessica brings her collection of personal experiences, education and professional knowledge to her coaching practice designing a powerful coaching program, “Empower. Transform. Achieve.”

“Growing up, I faced many hardships and insecurities. I didn’t have coaches, mentors, or many supportive people around me that were good role models. I made a lot of mistakes that took many years to correct; financially, emotionally and in life. When I’m working with clients, I use these experiences to fuel my coaching and empower them to transform the way they see their experiences and situations as opportunities to grow, overcome and achieve. It is through this that I help my clients create systems for success that are authentic to them so their futures are brighter and more sustainable and they find fulfillment.”
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