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Does coaching work for everyone?

When a client shows up ready and willing the do the work that coaching requires, transformation is imminent. Being that we are all individuals with varying levels of experience and exposure, the degree of transformation will vary. In short, coaching is highly beneficial to all people who are read, willing and in need of empowerment and change.

Counselor/Therapist vs. Life Coach vs. Mentor

Counselor/Therapist – Reaches back to understand the current obstacles

Life Coach – Meets you where you are now to push you forward

Mentor – Shares life experience and provides opinionated guidance and perspective that worked for them.

In coaching it is sometimes necessary to reach back to understand how perspectives and assumptions have been formed in the now (root cause analysis), but this is done sparingly. There will also be instances where it may be necessary to share insights or perspectives or guidance, but again, that it done very little in coaching. It’s very important that clients are empowered and enabled based on their own values and insights for maximum results.

Do you offer group programs?

Yes! Our group programs are offered via cohorts and workshops. Our cohorts are very engaging and allow attendees to learn from one another in a trusting environment. Our workshops are open to everyone and serve as a high level coaching experience a.k.a. “crash course” and can be very effective for self-motivated individuals needing a boost.

Why don't you offer session-by-session coaching?

Our private coaching is offered in packages with individual sessions being offered to cohort and package graduates only. This is done because to truly succeed as a coach/client team a solid foundation much first be built. Remember, coaching is cumulative and will not be effective in just 1 session.

Do you only work with teens + young adults?

No! We also work with young professionals up to age 35. In addition to coaching, we build and facilitate custom workshops for organizations and schools and offer employee coaching benefits to companies who employ younger populations. Additionally, we offer consulting for parents, academic institutions, non-profits and organizations.

Do you accept insurance?

Currently coaching is not covered under health insurance. We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, Venmo and Zelle. Payment plans available for a fee.

What can I expect from each service offering?

Private Coaching – A fully customized and supportive program that can be facilitated in person, virtually or a combination of both at a time that is convenient for the client. We also use a variety of support materials and tools throughout the program.


Family Coaching - A fully customized and supportive program that can be facilitated in person, virtually or a combination of both at a time that is convenient for the client. We also use a variety of support materials and tools throughout the program.


Group Coaching – Cohorts are designed to be a self-supporting ecosystem of peers with varying experiences. This program is lead and facilitated by the coach based on the group’s expressed needs/goals. This coaching approach is meant to provide various perspectives along with shared experiences to achieve maximum “stickiness” as

we move through self-discovery exercises and challenges. The clients will work together to support one another’s goals using a coaching up and Montessori approach.


Workshops – Workshops are topic specific and designed to stimulate, motivate and push the self-starter into action with hands on learning and skill-building.

What is the ICF?

ICF, also known as the International Coaching Federation, is the gold standard and international governing body for Professional Coaches worldwide. ICF is known for their high ethical standards. Any coach credentialed and certified through the ICF has received specialized training in accordance with their requirements. You can learn more about the ICF here and the Code of Ethics we adhere to.

What are your qualifications?

All of our coaches are experienced in many professional and personal ways and hold credentials that are aligned with the top life coaching governing bodies in the nation: ICF and NBHWC.

What topics are covered in coaching?

Our private programs are tailored to the desired outcome of the client. Throughout the coaching program, the client is empowered to come with topics they would like to explore or we can work together to uncover what our next steps should be. Some topics are standard to the ETA program and are implemented as session topics dictate. Our group programs and workshops has a standard format that allow for audience topics to be addressed and discussed as a group.

How can this benefit me + my teen/young adult?

Teen and young adult coaching can benefit the entire family. We work with the parents/guardians/sponsors to learn what they are observing, what they need help with and align that with the teen/young adult’s desires and observations. When a client experiences the transformation that comes from coaching, everyone benefits; family, friends, teachers/coworkers and the community. Coaching is a win/win and worthy investment.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

The best way to know this is to schedule your complimentary consult to discuss where you are now and what you’re looking to achieve. You can also know if coaching is for you when you know you need help getting unstuck in your day-to-day life, but aren't sure where to start.

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