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Hi-Lite and Generation Youth Coaching have joined forces to offer an exciting opportunity for Hi-Lite bound coaches to receive top-notch coaching education that aligns seamlessly with our youth coaching goals. This partnership provides prospective coaches with access to high-quality training and a clear pathway into team-based entrepreneurship within the Hi-Lite organization.

As part of this collaboration, Hi-Lite bound coaches receive exclusive discounts on their coaching education. Moreover, they gain the chance to immerse themselves in the thriving youth coaching movement spearheaded by Hi-Lite, which is making a significant impact on young people worldwide.


In essence, this partnership between Hi-Lite and Generation Youth Coaching provides a streamlined pathway to gain essential skills and knowledge while seamlessly integrating into the Hi-Lite community. It's an exciting opportunity for aspiring coaches to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and meaningful impact within the youth coaching landscape.

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This groundbreaking partnership between Career Scoops and Hi-Lite is revolutionizing the coaching industry! By combining forces, we're offering an unparalleled opportunity for individuals pursuing career advancement to gain invaluable insights and guidance.

Through our collaborative efforts, our private service clients will have access to an exclusive assessment designed to help them navigate their career paths with clarity and confidence. The Career Scoops AI Assessment is a powerful tool that analyzes individual strengths and interests to pinpoint ideal career paths.

Hand-in-hand, this partnership offers a solid roadmap to success, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their careers and take actionable steps towards achieving their goals.


With Career Scoops and Hi-Lite by your side, the possibilities are endless!

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Hi-Lite and Trenchmen Academy have joined forces to create a dynamic partnership aimed at fostering excellence and personal growth in student athletes. Trenchmen Academy is renowned for its commitment to sports performance and production improvement, particularly in developing defensive linemen, linebackers, and offensive linemen. With a focus on creating a positive learning environment and instilling core values such as discipline, teamwork, accountability, hard work, and integrity, Trenchmen Academy empowers athletes to reach new heights of achievement.


Together with Hi-Lite, we're combining our expertise to offer comprehensive programs that not only enhance athletic performance but also cultivate essential life skills. Join us as we unite to inspire greatness on and off the field.

Legacy Events for Education Logo.png

Legacy Events for Education is a 501c3 focused on providing scholarships to West Orange County Florida High School Seniors as well as empowering life skill programs and volunteer opportunities. Hi-Lite works with Legacy Events for Education in a number of capacities, but what our collaboration is best known for is our Legacy Academies.


These are a variety of workshops offered throughout the year for parents and teens around skill building topics that prepare youth for the real world. From College Prep 101 to financial literacy and resume writing workshops, we are passionate about empowering youth!

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