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Sandra Labrecque, Success Coach

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Coach Sandra, a positive and dynamic enthusiast on a mission to help her clients transform through the power of mindset. Having honed her skills as a competitive tennis player in her formative years, Sandra embodies the spirit of discipline, resilience, and determination. As a former D1 tennis team member at Purdue University, she understands the value of having setbacks and bouncing back from challenges which can build character and resilience. With over 12 years in international college admissions, Sandra brings a dynamic blend of expertise and passion to the coaching practice.

Fuelled by a desire to uplift others, Sandra merges her coaching prowess with a heartfelt commitment to her clients' success. Whether it's breaking through barriers or achieving new heights, she thrives on empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

With fluency in both English and Spanish, Sandra ensures seamless communication and connection with clients from diverse backgrounds. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support, Sandra will challenge you to embrace change, encourage self-exploration and develop a plan towards a life with fulfillment and personal growth. Get ready to embark on a self-awareness journey which includes continuous personal development approaches and encourages you to take the driver's seat of your own destiny with Coach Sandra encouraging you along the way!

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