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Hi-Lite + Dr. Phillips YMCA Launch Program Partnership!

As we know, the YMCA is the local hub, a sort of neighborhood staple, for youth programming, sports, social opportunities and overall positivity when it comes to health and wellbeing.

It wasn't long ago when a local donor noticed that our communities need more youth prevention programs, the kind that help some of the most vulnerable, our tweens and teens, learn to invest in themselves and to make healthy decisions. The kinds of invest and decisions that enable youth to have control over their futures and to have options vs. being forced into limitations due to violence, drug use, or other choices that create disadvantaged outcomes.

Gone are the days of drug and alcohol abuse programs aimed to encourage teens to abstain from their use and here are the days of positive programming that create hope, empowerment and A PLAN for today's youth. This is where the Dr. Phillips YMCA saw an opportunity to partner with Hi-Lite to bring the donor's wishes to life with our positive programming as the first step in a multi-part plan designed to promote healthy habits, provide support, access to resources and real life skills that can be applied to help today's youth thrive!

 "You see, when youth understand that no matter who they are or where they come from, that they can make choices to impact their future in healthy ways AND they receive the proper education and support to do so, they won't see negative behavior as an option." says Hi-Lite founder, Jessica Villegas.

So what is the current plan? Any middle or high school student can attend Hi-Lite's highly rated, award-winning, 7-week ETA Group program, free of charge ($439 value). All teens who enroll will also be offered a FREE YMCA Youth Membership via scholarship! What's the catch? Nada. Just go here to sign up!

Stay tuned ... so much more to come in this impactful partnership! 🚀

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