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Make 2024 Easy + Successful with a WOTY

What's a WOTY?! 👉Word of the year

👋 As we are all getting super reflective about 2023 coming to a close and excited about what's to come in 2024, I would love for you to consider adopting a word of the year.

I started doing this about 4 years ago and it has truly become so impactful in my life from personal to business. If you're interested in trying this out, continue reading. 👇 

🙋 How to pick a word

1. Write down all your 2024 goals. Maybe you have 1, maybe you have 100.

2. There are often 1-3 words that align with all your goals. Identify those key words. They might be words like growth, impact, healing, health, prosperity.

3. Write these words down.

4. Now pick the one word that would make the biggest impact on your life. This is your word. The 2024 ride or die dream maker! ☺ 

📝 How to use the word

1. Make a bracelet (Swifties) on NYE with friends and family.

2. Write the word and its definition on a big piece of paper. Put it in a prominent place. I keep mine in my office.

3. Write the word in other places so you are reminded of it DAILY. Sticky notes in the bathroom, next to your bed, in your planner.

❇ Now here is where the magic comes in through alignment. From this point forward your question to yourself is "Does this choice, behavior, thought process align with my word?" If it does not, now is your chance to find a way to improve to make it align or to skip the choice, behavior, thought process altogether.

It really is SUPER easy, and it really is crazy IMPACTFUL. No goals to set, no feelings of failure. 🚀 

Here are my words from previous years. My daughters and I like to make bracelets. 👧📿 

👉 2022 My word of the year was Abundance

👉 2023 My word of the year was Legacy

👉 2024 My word will be Big

I would love to know what your word will be in the comments! 📢

Yours in success,

Coach Jess

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