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Hi-Lite Launches Homeschool Group in Clermont

Meet the homeschool superhero, Amy Thomas from Hi-Lite! She's on a mission to save the day for all the youth out there, one homeschool teen at a time!

"I am soo excited to launch this program for Hi-Lite because the homeschool community is so close to my heart. I homeschooled my boys through middle and high school and love the freedoms that come with homeschooling. Homeschoolers have their own set of strengths and challenges and I know Hi-Lite's program is perfect for homeschooled students!"

Our programs have been known for creating impact for youth and their families throughout West Orange county since 2020 and as we get to know each of the unique needs of these families and their teens we continue to provide options that are accessible and relevant.

The Hi-Lite team is proud to partner with Amy to provide this offering to the homeschool community starting in September 2024! If you're interested in learning more about the opportunity, you can visit here.

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