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FEBRUARY 02, 2024

Orlando, Florida – Hi-Lite Coaching, a leader in youth coaching and development. has announced its collaboration with Career Scoops, an innovative platform dedicated to providing students with the most effective resources and guidance needed to find their unique path to career success, This dynamic partnership aims to enrich the resources available to young people navigating their personal and professional journeys.

Hi-Lite Coaching is known for its comprehensive approach to guiding youth to achieve personal success. With a wealth of experience and an impressive track record of empowering students to achieve potential growth, Hi-Lite Coaching has partnered with Career Scoops to give youth access to an expanded suite of tools and personalized coaching services. Together, these two innovative companies will offer unparalleled support to youth navigating their careers.

Career Scoops' AI-driven career discovery and mentorship programs complement Hi-Lite Coaching's expertise in guiding youth through personal development. With this collaboration, Career Scoops will introduce exciting new features to the platform, including tailored coaching sessions, development workshops, and career planning tools. This partnership will equip youth with everything they need to realize their career dreams and personal aspirations.

"Our mission at Career Scoops has always been to provide students with the resources and guidance they need to find the right career path," said Tatsiana Sokalava, CEO of Career Scoops. "Partnering with Hi-Lite Coaching, we are taking this mission a step further. We believe our combined strengths will provide the support young people need to navigate their career journeys successfully."

"We are excited to join hands with Career Scoops," said Jessica Villegas, Founder of Hi-Lite Coaching. "Our goal has always been to enable students to realize their dreams and aspirations. Together, we are better equipped to guide students towards choosing the right career and excelling in their chosen fields."

Career Scoops believes that every young person deserves the chance to reach their full potential, and that is why we're thrilled to announce this collaboration with Hi-Lite Coaching. For more information about Career Scoops and Hi-Lite Coaching, and to learn more about this collaboration, please visit and

About Career Scoops

Career Scoops is an innovative platform dedicated to guiding students toward career success. Its AI-driven tools and diverse range of educational solutions offer a unique approach to career exploration and readiness.

About Hi-Lite Coaching

Hi-Lite Coaching is a leading organization in teen and youth adult coaching, offering a holistic approach to personal and professional development. They specialize in empowering students to navigate academic and career challenges with confidence.

Contact Information:

Deja Robinson, Growth Partner, Career Scoops

Jeff Forrester, Co-Founder | Coach | Author, Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting

(321) 236.2053 |

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