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Success Coaching for Teens + Young Adults

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We aim to help young people & young businesses improve their success trajectory through academic life coaching and business consulting services.

We are a progressive company that aims to improve the success trajectory of young people and young businesses.

Through a no frills, process improvement approach; we dive in, dissect and reassemble along side our clients and key stakeholders.

noun.Someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds.

Tap into your potential and find what excites you .
Stimulate large-scale, positive change in a psychologically safe environment. 
At Hi-Lite  our coaching programs are designed to empower the client and transform their thinking so they can achieve success! Below are some attributes you can expect to develop through our signature ETA program:

  • A sense of direction + purpose
  • Get on track + stay on task
  • Boost personal accountability
  • Excel in school, career and life
  • Enhance confidence + relationships
  • Future clarity, complete with a roadmap + action plan
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We serve teens and young adults, their caretakers, educators and employers through private coaching, group coaching, workshops + speaking engagements.
We deliver actionable results so our clients can experience a life of direction + purpose!

Find out how Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting will empower you and prepare you for success!

Without a coach by your side...

Many of us struggle through avoidable choices that cause lifelong damage or years of set-backs.

  • Lack of clear vision + direction
  • Unproductive habits
  • Poor relationships + decision making
  • Unclear career choices
  • Missed opportunities
Discover what our Coaching Services can do for you.

With a coach by your side…

You will tap into key insights, learn self-management skills and engage control measures that improve decision making and increase your trajectory of success. These are not simply out-of-the-box solutions, they are extracted and co-created from what the client naturally aligns with and are gleaned through powerful discovery questions and deep introspection.

  • Value identification
  • Increased clarity around goals + success plans
  • Positive, healthy habits
  • Support + accountability
  • Scalable tools + skillsets
  • Successfully take on new challenges with confidence + excitement
Discover what our  services can do for you.

What our clients are saying

"Jessica is a top-notch success coach that goes above and beyond to make sure she is adding value. I highly recommend you reach out and connect with her if you or someone you know has a young adult who is in need of guidance in what she specializes in. You will not regret the results!!"


Antoine G.

"My son just had his 2nd session with Jessica & I can see a new drive in him. He’s seeing changes that he needs to make in order to get where he wants. I can’t wait to see all his progress at the end of his 12 sessions. I highly recommend doing this if you have a teen. Theydon’t always want to listen to their parents."


Elizabeth E.

"I have been a client at hi-lite for a few months now, and I cannot express how much it has changed my life around. My goals are clearer, the actions are clearer, and that's the best part. Action is happening.Coaching got me out of my funk of analyzing everything so much that I was frozen. I even start to hear my little "coaching voice" in moments where I know I am growing. Coaching is so essential, especially to teenagers and young adults like myself going through a life transition period. I could not recommend hi-lite more!"



"Jessica did a vision casting/life coaching for me and my team and I have to say Everyone LOVED it and still talks about it several months later. Her professionalism and poise is impressive as well as her ability to ask great questions that make you think about the root of the issues and how setting up a tangible and realistic plan can really help you reach your goals. I can’t recommend her enough!"


Robert W.

"Last summer I was offered a senior position within my company and met with Jessica to discuss my career options. She was spot on with her advice and also helped me get a better sense of what I wanted out of my career. Jessica listened to me intently and created the environment where I felt confident in the choice thatI was making. I was not only able to make the right decision for me from a career perspective but was also able to negotiate a great salary. To say that the coaching/mentoring support I have received is awesome is an understatement. Thank you so much Jessica!"


Alida G.

"Jessica's initiative and professionalism were clear from the moment I met her. She shows strong leadership and direction skills working tirelessly to ensure everyone is fired up and on target to be greater."


W. M.

"No matter the amount of years of experience you may have in your field of specialty, interviewing for a new job could still be quite daunting. I took on Jessica's Coaching talents and never have I ever been so comfortable in an interview before. I was prepared and most importantly engaged! Thank you!"


Michael H.

"Jessica is an amazing coach. I completed a 12session program with Hi-Lite and as a result I feel more equipped to handle life! She helped me build a toolbox of life skills that are applicable to any situation. She also helped me find the little voice in my head that she calls your “inner coach”. The work done with her was life changing for me and her fervor to help teens and young adults in need of similar guidance is inspiring.You will certainly not regret investing in yourself with Hi-Lite!"


Cristina C.

"Jessica is truly passionate about what she does. She has an innate ability to help and motivate others. She truly cares about the youth’s future and how they can positively impact our world. She takes the time to guide, mentor, inspire, motivate and bring out the best in those she works with.Very approachable, funny and smart. 100% will recommend anyone to work with her. Thank you Jessica for the work you do!"


Melissa S.

"Jessica is great! She really listens and has away to get kids to open up. She checks in to see how things are going and has helped me by finding resources to help our situation. I am really glad we found her."


Kristin S.

"As an educator I have seen first hand the power of positivity and how it relates to academic success. Watching Jessica connect with teens and young adults is inspiring. She creates connections that empower youth."


Stephanie F.

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Jessica Villegas

Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting is a collective of the personal and professional experiences of it’s Founder, Jessica Villegas. 

Having grown up without many so-called advantages in life, she was born and raised in a small South Carolina town to young parents in a single parent household. She moved around many times (last count, about 28) from family member to family member until the age of 17. During those years, Jessica witnessed many poor decisions being made by family and friends that she knew didn’t align with the future she wanted. With a lack of stability throughout her childhood and an absence of positive role models, she was set up to face many challenges and hard lessons as she moved through life.

Jessica Villegas, Founder and CEO

Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting Success Coaches are ready and available to empower YOU!

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