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Marcy Miller | Success + PQ Coach 

Marcy Miller Success and EQ Coach

With 25+ years of experience as a nonprofit leader, educator, coach, and artist, Marcy is your seasoned guide to unlocking and maximizing your potential. Spirited and empathetic, Marcy embodies a sense of humor and integrity in her commitment to personal growth, inspiring her clients to acquire knowledge and cultivate skills that accelerate their journey to success.

Marcy is Founder and Principal Facilitator of CollectiveWorks Consulting, working as a coach and consultant in transformational leadership. Her year as an exchange student living in Apartheid South Africa profoundly impacted and solidified her commitment to break down personal barriers, and those between and among people. She leverages this passion to help emerging leaders, teams, and educators develop a growth mindset and mental fitness to achieve results in an ever-increasing global society. Marcy is a firm believer in continuing education and has received certifications in Organizational Change/Leadership Development from Northwestern University and Spertus, Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Northwestern, Mental Health First Aid from Mental Health First Aid USA, and Open Studio Projects’ Facilitator Certification. She also trained with Trusted Advisors Network and Positive Intelligence, becoming a Trusted Affiliate and PQ Coach. serving others and decided to apply those principles to sales and leadership.

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