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Jeff Forrester, Co-founder | Success Coach Author | Speaker

Image of Jeff Forrester, Cofounder for Hi-Lite Coaching and Consulting

His best moments were always when he saw people achieve more than they thought they could, and in 2020 he was inspired to write his first book, "Unleashed Potential: Simple Steps to Be the Best Version of Yourself." This inspiring read is filled with stories from Jeff's youth
and the lessons he wishes he had known back then. He feels so strongly about sharing these lessons with others that he had to put them in a book!

As a father, husband, friend, and professional, Jeff brings his wealth of experience to his coaching relationships, helping others unlock their full potential through critical thinking. With Jeff's infectious energy and passion for helping others, you'll be on your way to becoming the best version of yourself in no time!

“People can accomplish more when they have people who believe in them and challenge them to go a little further than they think they can.”

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