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Erika Nicole So Stich | Happiness + Success Coach

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Meet Erika Nicole So Stich, a dedicated Middle School Science Teacher at Alliance College Ready Public Schools in vibrant Los Angeles, CA. 

In her classroom, Erika fosters a space where students can inquire about the wonders of the world while also championing her fellow educators in establishing healthy boundaries for a balanced life beyond the school walls.


Beyond her role in education, Erika is a beacon of light as a Success + Happiness Coach, specializing in guiding overgivers towards reclaiming their time for rest and play, all while harnessing their energy to make a positive impact on the world. Having experienced firsthand the exhaustion of constantly prioritizing others over herself, Erika recognized the need for change. She embarked on a journey to dismantle overwhelm and cultivate happiness through tailored systems that delineate clear boundaries for work, leisure, and self-care. Now, through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, she empowers changemakers worldwide to do the same.


Through her work to date, Erika has touched the lives of over 500 individuals and collaborated with 15 organizations, focusing on resource management, mindset cultivation, and fostering healthy relationships. Originally hailing from the suburbs of Pittsburg, CA (no, not the East Coast!), Erika now calls Los Angeles home, where she resides with her partner, Doug, and their cherished companions, Milo the dog and Marbles the cat.


Join Erika on a transformative journey towards balance, fulfillment, and sustainable change.

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