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Dennis Mellen, Success Coach | Author  Leadership Expert

Image of Dennis Mellen

Get ready to be energized by the incredible accomplishments of Dennis Mellen! As a dynamic speaker, leadership consultant, bestselling author, and internationally recognized authority on leadership, he knows what it takes to motivate and inspire people to greatness. 

With his expertise as a certified Master of Mental Performance for athletes, combined with his impressive background as a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and 28-year airline Fleet Captain in charge of 650 pilots and 40 instructors, Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his Positive Leadership Training. He's been featured on ABC, NBC’s Morning Blend Show, CBS, podcasts, and radio, captivating audiences with his electrifying energy and passion for leadership development. Recently, he shared the stage with four-time Olympian luge competitor, Ruben Gonzalez, at the United States Air Force Academy, and spoke at the Leading Voice Summit in Grand Rapids, leaving audiences in awe with his powerful message of positivity and leadership excellence. Get ready to be energized with the unstoppable force that is Dennis Mellen as your coach!

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