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Profound Impact. 

Since our founding in 2020 we have impacted the lives of over 3,000 youth and  families through our programs and services.

About Us

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Based in Winter Garden, Florida, Hi-lite Coaching + Consulting was born out of a passion to serve youth in a way that removes internal barriers, ignites confidence + generates excitement about the future.
Why go through unnecessary setbacks + complications? Let us help!

Image of 5 Hi-Lite Coaches; Jeff Forrester, Bob Lourdel, Annie Cowden, Jessica Villegas.

We challenge teens + young adults to know themselves in a way that empowers them to effectively navigate change, leverage their strengths + hold themselves accountable in areas that require improvement. Quality coaching lends the confidence + competence to successfully transition through various phases of life with resilience while maintaining focus on designing + accomplishing the future of their dreams.

Simply put: When the client puts in the effort, COACHING WORKS!

Image of young adult male on mountain top looking at clouds with fist in the air in celebration of success


It is our mission to equip youth with an undeniable sense of clarity and direction that inspires a lifetime of confidence, resilience, and continuous improvement.



Are you doing the right thing for yourself + others at all times?

Have fun + celebrate wins.

Give credit when + where it's due and enjoy the process.


No one knows it all, we are always learning + recreating. Stay humble + open to growth opportunities.

Deliver hope + inspiration.

Possibilities are endless. Be inspired + inspire others.

Serve Others.

Give more than you take.

Be resilient + practice grace.

Failure = growth. Never stop. Forgive yourself + move on.

Practice accountability.

Right or wrong, own what you do. It builds character, confidence + trust.

Build connections

Look for opportunities to build new pathways for yourself + others.


For yourself + for others. This is our non-negotiable. 

Image of Hi-Lite founder, Jessica Villegas

Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting is a collective of the personal + professional experiences of it’s Founder, Jessica Villegas.

Experience + Exposure

Having grown up without many advantages in life, Jessica was born and raised in a small South Carolina town to young parents in a single parent household. During those years, Jessica witnessed many poor decisions being made around her that she knew didn’t align with the future she wanted for herself or her family. Lacking stability throughout her childhood and a shortage of positive role models, she was set up to face many challenges and hard lessons as she moved through her young adult life. 

After graduating high school she moved to Orlando to complete her college education. She spent 13 years in the hospitality industry and while some parts were fulfilling she still felt something was missing. In her early thirties, as a single mother, she completed her Bachelor’s in Organizational Communications and Leadership Studies from UCF and moved into the supply chain logistics and transportation field.

Transformation + Application

Having gone through many difficult transitions and accomplishing quite a bit, she realized she was capable of much more. After some pretty extensive internal work, she implemented some tight systems, structure, and discipline and her trajectory sharply increased. As she naturally gravitated toward healthier decisions while her social life improved along side her career.


Over this period of time, Jessica applied much of what she was learning about herself as she coached and mentored others on the teams she was leading. After watching these individuals become more self-aware, develop growth mindsets and achieve success Jessica knew she wanted to do this at a larger scale in a new and different way. As the COVID 19 Pandemic dissolved her role as Director of Logistics and Procurement in the AV Industry, she founded Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting and the rest was history.


Jessica, who is now a Certified Academic Life Coach through CTEDU, practices professionally in this space and continues to successfully guide others toward a life of self-connection and empowerment. Jessica genuinely believes that anyone can achieve if they believe!


Jessica has decided to focus her practice on teens and young adults because she is passionate about enabling our most vulnerable at an early age with the tools and mindset to transition into their adult lives with confidence and control over their futures.

“I believe we all have the power to control the direction of our lives and can reinvent our legacies with the right systems in place and the right coach by our side. My vision is to give every young person access to this resource which can provide them with the opportunity to live a life of purpose, direction, and feeling of success - as these are the truly ingredients to feeling happy. The experience of coaching has helped me tremendously and I watch it continue to help my clients everyday.”

Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting Success Coaches are ready and available to empower YOU!

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