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Jessica Villegas, Founder | Success Coach | Speaker

Jessica Villegas, founder of Hi-Lite Coaching and Consulting

​Jessica's leadership style is all about challenging her teams to be the best they can be, and she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get involved in the work alongside them. The results speak for themselves - incredible success for her teams, and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for Jessica. Now, she brings that same energy and success to her clients through Hi-Lite.

After spending 13 years in Hospitality Management and 7 years in Supply Chain Logistics in various leadership and corporate training roles, Jessica's passion for empowering others led her to launch Hi-Lite. She brings her impressive collection of personal experiences, education and professional knowledge to her coaching practice, designing a powerful coaching program called “Empower. Transform. Achieve.”

“Growing up, I faced many hardships and insecurities. I didn’t have coaches, mentors, or many supportive people around me that were good role models. I made a lot of mistakes that took many years to correct; financially, emotionally and in life. When I’m working with clients, I use these experiences to fuel my coaching and empower them to transform the way they see their experiences and situations as opportunities to grow, overcome and achieve. It is through this that I help my clients create systems for success that are authentic to them so their futures are brighter and more sustainable and they find fulfillment.”

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