Candice Rackey, Success Coach

Candice is a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to service and the belief that "doing well, by doing good" is essential to success. With a decade of experience in hospitality sales leadership, training, and development, Candice has successfully coached professionals of all ages to achieve personal and professional success.

Drawing upon her experience as a professional, entrepreneur, and educator, Candice brings a wealth of knowledge to her coaching clients, helping them achieve new levels of self-mastery and success, and create the life of their dreams. Candice's passion for coaching young adults is deeply rooted in her own personal journey. As a confident, ambitious, and driven high achiever, Candice faced a challenging moment during her undergraduate studies, which led her down a path that took her years to heal. Without the necessary tools or support, Candice struggled to navigate this obstacle, and it became clear to her that young people need better guidance and support during critical moments in their lives.

Candice is determined to ensure that no other young person has to navigate these challenges alone. She brings a wealth of wisdom learned from her own experiences and is committed to using this knowledge to help guide young adults towards achieving a fully expressed life.